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UCSF Health System to expand care throughout Bay Area and beyond

In an ad campaign launched October 26, UCSF Health debuted its new brand to Northern California with the theme, “Redefining possible.™” to describe the many ways UCSF saves and improves lives for scores of patients.

The transformation of the clinical enterprise from a standalone medical center into an integrated health care network with eight entities aims to capitalize on UCSF’s traditional strengths while simultaneously embracing new ways of organizing and delivering care in a rapidly evolving health care industry.

UCSF will build on its expertise translating research findings into treatments and training the next generation of health professionals for the new health care environment. UCSF Health will also redouble its efforts to provide a collaborative and supportive work environment that enhances patient safety and satisfaction and employee performance.

Changing health care landscape

The new health care system reflects a growing shift in health care delivery across the nation. Academic medical centers are forging partnerships and affiliations with community hospitals and physician practices to take advantage of each other’s strengths, increase access to a wider patient population, share risks and reduce costs.

While academic medical centers offer cutting-edge, specialized care in the most complex patient cases, leading hospitals in the community excel at promoting wellness and preventative care. Integrating both ends of this spectrum will help health care providers better manage patients’ health.

UCSF Health is being led by UCSF’s senior leaders with extensive expertise in health care: Chancellor Sam Hawgood, MBBS, as chair; Mark Laret, president and chief executive officer; and Talmadge King, M.D., dean of the UCSF School of Medicine and vice chancellor of medical affairs. Together, they have more than 55 years of experience leading UCSF’s academic medical center.

“UCSF is responding to a revolution now underway in health care,” Hawgood says. “Those paying for health care, individuals, employers and the government, are demanding that providers deliver care that is more patient-centered, effective and affordable.”

Indeed, the creation of UCSF Health was driven by the need and opportunity to respond to dramatic changes over the past decade. Among them:

* Hospital admissions at UCSF have increased from 26,000 to 39,200;

* Outpatient visits have nearly doubled from 649,000 visits to 1.2 million; and

* The clinical enterprise’s operating budget has grown from $1.1 million to nearly $3 million.

November 02, 2015 | Hospital Data
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