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A doctor lays her head on her forearms at her desk from exhaustion. Illustrations of the COVID-19 virus float next to her head.
Pandemic Stress Forces Physician Groups to Close
November 25, 2020
by: Alanna Moriarty
More than 16,000 independent physician groups closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An additional 8,000 physician groups may close by the end of 2020. According to Definitive Healthcare data, there are currently 121,000 independent physician groups in the United States. If the closure projections are correct, COVID-19 w...
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healthcare worker wearing an i voted today button on their lab coat and standing beside an american flag
How a Biden Presidency Could Impact U.S. Healthcare
November 19, 2020
by: Rachel Grande
The U.S. healthcare system could be poised for significant reform in 2021 and beyond. In his campaign, President-elect Joe Biden spoke openly about his plans to expand the Medicare program, increase healthcare access, and lower overall healthcare costs.
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From left to right, a blood glucose monitor overlayed with illustration of the COVID-19 virus. A hand holds the Earth, which is wearing a surgical mask.
Comorbidities Associated with the Highest COVID-19 Mortality Rates
November 6, 2020
by: Alanna Moriarty
According to Definitive Healthcare, providers submitted more than 1.3 million COVID-19 claims between January and September 2020. Diagnoses are primarily reported from physician groups, followed by inpatient hospitals. Understanding common COVID-19 comorbidities can help physicians provide better care to vulnerable pat...
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man manipulating user icons blue background
How Data and Analytics Can Revolutionize Medical Affairs
October 29, 2020
by: Tory Waldron
If you’re a Medical Affairs professional, you already know how difficult it can be to identify the most appropriate medical and scientific experts for your disease, therapy or treatment area. Traditionally, this data has been time-consuming and inefficient to gather – not to mention incomplete. 
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dog wearing stethoscope beside a doctor holding a tablet displaying diagnostic data
Most Common ICD-10 Codes for Animal-Inflicted Injuries
October 28, 2020
by: Rachel Grande
In October 2015, the United States adopted the ICD-10 medical coding system. Before this change, the U.S. was using an older International Classification of Diseases model called ICD-9. The U.S. had been using the ICD-9 code set since 1979. The switch to ICD-10 marked an important transition in U.S. healthcare.
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united states map made out of people, human figures walk by through a city
How Top Sales Teams Identify High-Growth Opportunities
October 22, 2020
by: Maggy Tieché
Healthcare organizations with regional and territory-based sales strategies require unique data to help derive insights and drive action.
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