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How to Reduce Physician Burnout and Manage Patient Care

Physicians, Population Health

Last week we analyzed how to get the most value from population health data and facilitate communication between providers to improve population health management. In order to successfully manage the ...

What You Need to Know About Population Health

Population Health

What is Population Health Management? Population health addresses the particular wellness needs of a local or regional community. This could include age-related illnesses like heart attack or high ...

Holy Cow! New (and Unusual) ICD-10 Codes

Connected Care

In October 2015, the United States officially adopted the ICD-10 medical coding system. Much like the ICD-9 system before it, ICD-10 codes are unique alphanumerical sequences based on the ...

Can an ACO Benefit Independent Physicians?

Top 10, ACOs, CMS

The Congressional budget deal passed earlier this month includes changes to the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), impacting ACOs participating in the initiative. One of the most prominent ...

How Emergency Departments Aggravate Opioid Use

Drugs, Population Health

On February 7, the Senate approved funding for multiple healthcare programs after months of debate. It is estimated that more than 26 million Americans will be impacted through these community health ...

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