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magnifying glass zooming in on a red human figure in a line of people with a stethoscope in the background
Using Data to Accelerate Rare Disease Drug Development
April 14, 2021
by: Robert Groebel, VP of Global Medical Strategy, Monocl
Did you know that up to 52 percent of people with Huntington’s disease are also diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or obsessive-compulsive behaviors? As of today, there are no established guidelines to address this comorbidity and very little in the way of patient support. In the rare disease space, unl...
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Doctor putting hand on patient shoulder
COVID-19 and the Case of the Missing Patient
April 12, 2021
by: Brittany Morin-Mezzadri, Principal Customer Success Manager
COVID-19 turned the world upside down. Since March 2020, we've lost more than 550,000 family members, friends, and colleagues, with millions more facing long-term health consequences as a direct result of the virus. Unfortunately, those massive numbers still don't paint a complete picture including the indirect impact ...
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A male physician in a white lab coat shows a prescription bottle to a woman in a green shirt and a man in a light blue button-up.
Find the Biopharma Experts You’ve Been Looking For
March 30, 2021
by: Alanna Moriarty
We get it—it can be tough to find the right expert to advise you when you’re developing a new drug or medical device. The people you need could be anywhere in the world, and they’ve got their own projects to work on. Monocl launched back in 2014 to solve this very challenge. Today, we’re taking the Monocl solution to t...
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An illustration from the perspective of someone behind the steering wheel of a car. Through the windshield is a blue location marker with others in the distance.
The Highway to Success, Something About Target, and Other Analogies
March 11, 2021
by: Brittany Morin-Mezzadri, Principal Customer Success Manager
The most common request I get from my clients is some variation of “show me everything about my accounts.”
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From right to left: A white female physician in a lab coat sits in front of a computer monitor featuring the face of an elderly white man. A white smartphone is overlaid on the left side of this image, and it appears as through the phone is
COVID-19 Drives 6,000% Growth in Telemedicine Use
March 5, 2021
by: Catherine Wright, Director of Product Development
Last week, we launched two new enhancements to our platform: Rx Claims Data and Physician technology use. You can read more about the official launch on our website. You can also read more about the Rx claims launch on our blog.
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doctor holding digital tablet displaying covid-19 data with a world map overlaid
The Hard Facts About COVID-19 Readmissions
March 3, 2021
by: Rachel Grande
Readmissions data could help healthcare providers and other industry stakeholders anticipate patient complications, care needs, and financial repercussions as hospitals contend with COVID-19 readmissions. Because the fact is, COVID-19 readmissions might be more common than we think.
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