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How Emergency Departments Aggravate Opioid Use

Drugs, Legal/Regulatory, Population Health

On February 7, the Senate approved funding for multiple healthcare programs after months of debate. It is estimated that more than 26 million Americans will be impacted through these community health ...

Will Amazon's Joint Venture Impact National Healthcare?

Hospitals & IDNs

On January 30, Amazon, J.P. Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway announced a joint venture into the healthcare industry. Little is known about this venture, except that it will be a new health care company ...

The High Costs of Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Drugs, Healthcare Intelligence, Hospitals & IDNs, Population Health

Specialty pharmaceuticals are becoming more common in the treatment of rare and complicated illnesses, making up approximately 40 percent of the $450 billion pharmaceutical industry market in 2016. ...

How Healthcare Payers Can Cut Overspending

Connected Care, Healthcare Finances, Healthcare Technology, Population Health

The federal government continues to make healthcare funding a point of focus, most recently using the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) as a bargaining tool to end a three-day government ...

Looking Back to Move Forward: Healthcare Focus in 2018

Healthcare Technology, Hospitals & IDNs, Legal/Regulatory, Merger & Acquisitions

Like many other industries, the healthcare industry consistently finds itself under the microscope, especially as it attempts to sustain itself under several competing pressures and a relatively ...

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