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July 2, 2019

 Since 1930, the United States has provided medical services for war veterans in the form of Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals. Those qualifying for VA medical care include veterans that served in active military, naval, or air service with an honorable discharge. With so many veterans seeking care, these hospitals prioritize those that incurred a service-related permanent disability, followed by former prisoners of war, purple heart recipients, housebound and catastrophically disabled veterans, and those on VA pensions and Medicaid. This, unfortunately, also can also lead to longer wait times for the "less-priority" veterans.

Let's take a look at some of the largest VA hospitals in the U.S. by bed size:

Fig 1 View of VA facilities across the United States, Definitive Healthcare platform, July 2019

Top 50 VA Hospitals by Number of Staffed Beds

Rank Hospital Name # of Staffed Beds
1.  VA New Jersey Healthcare System - East Orange Campus (NJ) 950
2.  Biloxi VA Medical Center (MS) 716
3.  Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center (OR) 600
4.  Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center (OH) 586
5.  VA West Los Angeles Medical Center (CA) 500
6.  Edward Hines Jr VA Hospital (IL) 483
7.  Perry Point VA Medical Center (MD) 470
8.  Atlanta VA Medical Center (GA) 466
9.  VA Boston Healthcare System - West Roxbury Campus (MA) 448
10.  VA Boston Healthcare System - Brockton Campus (NV) 448
11.  Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center - Augusta VA Medical Center Uptown (GA) 441
12.  Bath VA Medical Center (NY) 440
13.  James A Haley Veterans Hospital (FL) 415
14.  VA Illiana Health Care System (IL) 398
15.  Coatesville VA Medical Center (PA) 396
16.  St Cloud VA Health Care System (MN) 388
17.  VA NY Harbor Health Care System - St Albans Campus (NY) 386
18.  Miami VA Healthcare System - Bruce W Carter VA Medical Center (FL) 372
19.  Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center (TX) 360
20.  VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System - HJ Heinz Campus (PA) 358
21.  Eugene J Towbin Healthcare Center (AR) 356
22.  VA St Louis Health Care System - Jefferson Barracks Division (MO) 355
23 VA St Louis Health Care System - John Cochran Division (MO) 355
24.  Michael E DeBakey VA Medical Center (TX) 349
25.  VA Caribbean Healthcare System (Puerto Rico) 348
26. Tennessee Valley Healthcare System - Alvin C York Campus (TN) 347
27. Birmingham VA Medical Center (AL) 313
28. James J Peters VA Medical Center (NY) 311
29. Minneapolis VA Health Care System (MN) 309
30. Chillicothe VA Medical Center (OH) 303
31. VA San Diego Healthcare System (CA) 296
32. Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (AZ) 295
33. Dallas VA Medical Center (TX) 289
34. Battle Creek VA Medical Center (MI) 276
35. West Palm Beach VA Medical Center (FL) 270
36. Jerry Pettis VA Medical Center (CA) 270
37. Audie L Murphy VA Hospital (TX) 268
38. Malcom Randall VA Medical Center (FL) 255
39. VA Hudson Valley Health Care System - Castle Point Campus (NY) 250
40. Lebanon VA Medical Center (PA) 248
41. Tomah VA Medical Center (WI) 246
42. Memphis VA Medical Center (TN) 244
43. VA Northern Indiana Health Care System - Marion Campus (IN) 243
44. VA Northern Indiana Health Care System - Fort Wayne Campus (IN) 243
45. Tennessee Valley Healthcare System - Nashville Campus (TN) 238
46. Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center (CA) 237
47. Portland VA Medical Center - Main Campus (OR) 231
48. Kerrville VA Hospital (TX) 226
49. Richmond VA Medical Center (VA) 219
50. Canandaigua VA Medical Center (NY) 218

Fig 2 Data from Definitive Healthcare’s hospital & IDN platform, July 2019

In June 2019, the Veterans Community Care Program MISSION ACT went into effect, allowing veterans to seek care at private hospitals or clinics if they encounter wait times of more than 20 days for a primary care appointment or 28 days for a specialty care appointment. They may also qualify if it takes them more than 30 minutes to travel to a Department of Veterans Affairs facility or if they need a service that is not provided by the VA.

For the 4.7 million veterans living in rural areas across the U.S., reaching these VA hospitals can be difficult as they may need to travel great distances between their homes and points of care. Rural veterans may also encounter limited provider choices and a lack of specialty services. Therefore, telehealth is also becoming popular among rural veterans who are now able to access their VA hospitals through 4G mobile connectivity. And, with telehealth providers like Verizon working on developing 5G digital health tools, we will likely see telehealth capabilities continue to grow in the veteran community.

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