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February 5, 2020

What is the best way to identify your target market and pinpoint their pain points? Understand the industry changes impacting them most. 

In a recent webinar, Definitive Healthcare CEO Jason Krantz reviewed the 8 healthcare industry trends he believes will be most relevant this year—both for healthcare providers and those selling to them.

This infographic captures Jason's observations: 

Infographic_ 2020 Trends Webinar

Watch 8 Top-Of-Mind Trends for Physician and Hospital Buyers In 2020 on-demand any time at the Definitive Healthcare website. 

Alanna Moriarty

Alanna Moriarty

Alanna Moriarty is a healthcare industry writer and content strategist. As the Content Marketing Manager for Definitive Healthcare, she most enjoys connecting the dots between data and care delivery. ...

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