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Tory Waldron
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May 14, 2019

These days, most organizations use technology to manage their HR tasks, like benefits, payroll, scheduling, attendance, and more. Hospitals are no exception, with 68 percent of U.S. hospitals reporting benefits administration, payroll, personnel management, staff scheduling, or time and attendance technology in use.

Definitive Healthcare tracks seven technologies that U.S. hospitals use in the workforce management market, including:

  • Benefits
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • Payroll
  • Personnel management
  • Staff scheduling
  • Time and attendance
  • Workforce management solutions

Each of these solutions have varying levels of adoption, with legacy applications such as time and attendance, payroll, and personnel management in place at over three-quarters of 7,936 U.S. hospitals. While these technologies are widely utilized, the applications are aging and may require replacements in the near future.

An overview of the workforce management market for US hospitals

 hospital workforce solutions

Most hospitals use one or more vendor across workforce solutions

 workforce implementation in hospitals

Fig 1: Reported workforce implementation by solution of 6,638 hospitals with at least one implementation in use, Definitive Healthcare, May 8, 2019

A number of workforce solutions, including personnel management, payroll, and time & attendance have been adopted by most U.S. hospitals. In fact, 84.6 percent of U.S. hospitals report at least one solution. Of those using workforce solutions, almost 86 percent have more than one vendor across the different applications.

Vendor leaders: Kronos & Infor

Kronos Infor

Fig 2: Vendor footprint by solution, Definitive Healthcare, May 8, 2019

Kronos leads the pack when it comes to time and attendance technologies, while Infor covers over 30 percent of hospitals’ benefits administration, personnel management, and payroll technology installs.

Opportunities growing

solution implementation by state

  • Green space: Adoption of workforce management technologies is already high, ranging from 65 percent in Louisiana, to 95.5 percent in Iowa. There is currently green space in states like Louisiana, New York, Arizona, and Idaho.
  • Replacement market growth: Even with high adoption rates for benefits, scheduling, time and attendance, payroll, and personnel, 78 US hospitals show likelihood to purchase a new or replacement workforce solution over the next year. Coupled with an average implementation age of over eight years, opportunity can also be found in replacements.

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