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2013-10-08 – Yale-New Haven Hospital Deploys BridgeHead Software to Safeguard McKesson Data

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BridgeHead Software announced that Yale-New Haven Hospital has implemented BridgeHead archive software to manage the explosive amount of data generated by its McKesson Horizon Patient Folders (HPF) system. BridgeHead archive is a practical method for protecting HPF data, which like many hospital applications, is not a good fit for traditional backup and recovery approaches.

At Yale-New Haven Hospital, HPF data was rising at such dramatic rates that the hospital was struggling to come up with an alternative back up the system.

BridgeHead’s archive solution allows hospitals to move data to a centrally managed archive where it is de-duplicated, compressed, and encrypted. The archive can then be configured to create its own backup without third-party software.

October 16, 2013 | Hospital Technology
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