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outpatient procedures
April 16, 2019

Medical procedures are increasingly starting to move into outpatient facilities. According to Deloitte, aggregate hospital revenue from outpatient services grew from 30 percent in 1995, to 47 percent in 2016, which they attribute to "patient preference and clinical and technological advances."

As outpatient care starts to move front-and-center, which outpatient organizations are leading the pack? Read on to learn which U.S., all-payor hospitals (1) perform the highest number of total outpatient procedures and (2) receive the highest total payments for outpatient procedures:

Outpatient Webinar Infographic (5)

In our webinar, Selling to Doctors in the Fast-Growing Outpatient Market, Definitive Healthcare's very own Enterprise Account Executive Maggie Fortune discusses how to identify selling opportunities in the rapidly-growing outpatient care market.


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