University of Missouri Health System Provides Patient Access to Online Physician Notes

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University of Missouri Health System has announced their new partnership with Tiger Institute of Health Innovation to give patients access to their physician's notes at the click of a button.

Notes are available on MU Health Care’s patient portal, MU Healthe, for most outpatient clinic visits dating back to December 1,2014.

When a patient visits an MU Health Care clinic, the health care team records various details of the visit. This record serves as a summary for providers, and now patients, to reference. These notes can include clinical observations, diagnostic test results and other details of a patient’s care. These notes are automatically synced with MU Healthe, allowing patients to log on to view them after the provider has completed his or her documentation.

In addition to viewing physician notes, MU Health Care’s portal offers patients the ability to schedule appointments, view test and lab results and securely communicate with health care providers online. Additionally, MU Health Care is a member of the Tiger Institute Health Alliance, a health exchange allowing MU physicians to share patients’ up-to-date electronic medical records with providers from other health care organizations in central Missouri.

MU’s physician partnership with Tiger Institute of Health Innovation was the result of MU’s belief that patients should be a part of the healthcare team.  Thus, by making clinic notes available for patients through this secure online portal, patients can play a more active and informed role in their healthcare.

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