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October 10, 2018

Hospitals and health systems announced more than 750 executive and leadership changes in Q3, with more than 300 CEO-related appointments, according to Definitive Healthcare data. In the complex and ever-changing healthcare industry, it is vital that health system and hospital executives understand the full landscape, from purchasing to care delivery. In addition, continued industry consolidation requires that facility leaders recognize opportunities for partnerships and growth.

Last week, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini announced his resignation following the payor's acquisition by CVS Health. Bertolini, who assumed his role in 2010, will join the CVS Health board of directors after stepping down. Though there are various leadership shifts resulting from the $69 billion acquisition, which was just approved this morning, CVS-Aetna is one of many systems seeing executive moves this year. 

10 Most Recent Health System CEO Announcements

  Name & Title Health System Date Announced
1. David Dill, CEO LifePoint Health (TN) Sept. 26, 2018
2. Stan Holm, CEO Olathe Health (KS) Sept. 26, 2018
3. Robert Kenagy, CEO Stormont Vail Regional Health Center (KS) Sept. 26, 2018
4. Paulette Davidson, CEO Regional Health (SD) Sept. 13, 2018
5. Janelle Reilly, CEO CHI Memorial (TN) Sept. 11, 2018
6. Sam Hazen, CEO HCA Healthcare (TN) Sept. 10, 2018
7. Kevin Roberts, CEO Metroplex Health System (TX) Sept. 10, 2018
8. Jeremy Normington-Slay, President & CEO Firelands Regional Health System (OH) Sept. 7, 2018
9. Tara Ramlochan, CEO Artesian Valley Health System (KS) Sept. 4, 2018
10. Shawn P. Vincent, President & CEO Loyola University Health System (IL) Aug. 29, 2018

 Fig 1 Top 10 most recent health system CEO announcements and appointments data from Definitive Healthcare. Announcements aggregated from various news sources and verified through independent research.

Hospital and health system executives are not only adept at recognizing new opportunities, but can also recognize industry disruptors. In a recent poll of healthcare executives, nearly 60 percent of respondents pinpointed Amazon as the new market entrant that could make the largest impact. Other companies named include Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Walmart, which got a combined 32 percent of votes -- making Amazon the standout company to watch.

Healthcare leaders also identified telemedicine as the technology most likely to impact the industry, followed closely by artificial intelligence (AI). According to Definitive Healthcare data, nearly 2,800 hospitals already reported implementation of telemedicine software. Studies show that leveraging telehealth can drastically reduce patient wait times in hospital emergency departments, leading to improved care outcomes and lower costs.

10 Most Recent Hospital CEO Announcements

  Name & Title Hospital Date Announced
1. Chad Whelan, CEO Banner University Medicine (AZ) Sept. 27, 2018
2. Patrick Sharp, CEO Fairview Range (MN) Sept. 27, 2018
3. Wendy Brandon, CEO UCF Lake Nona Medical Center (FL) Sept. 27, 2018
4. William Jennings, President and CEO Reading Hospital (PA) Sept. 25, 2018
5. Scott Williams, CEO CenterPointe Hospital (MO) Sept. 24, 2018
6. Kevin Zachary, CEO Colorado Plains Medical Center (CO) Sept. 7, 2018
7. Justin Harris, CEO Medical Center Barbour (AL) Sept. 7, 2018
8. Mike Neuendorf, CEO Princeton Baptist Medical Center (AL) Sept. 6, 2018
9. Dave Holt, CEO Western State Hospital (WA) Aug. 28, 2018
10. John Kessler, CEO Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital (IL) Aug. 28, 2018

 Fig 2 Top 10 most recent hospital CEO announcements and appointments data from Definitive Healthcare. Announcements aggregated from various news sources and verified through independent research.


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