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Top 10 Hospitals for Open Payments

From hospitals to health systems, group purchasing organizations and all other healthcare entities in between, the relationship between them has been known to be held in the dark, away from the patients whom they serve. However, the Sunshine Act, created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, has shed some light on these types of relationship through the Open Payments Program.


The Open Payments Program is administered by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and requires that certain pharmaceutical and device manufacturers report payments given to physicians and teaching hospitals. These payments can be from funding for research, travel expenses, gifts, and other types. The goal of this national disclosure program is to promote transparency for patients to better understand the financial relationships within the healthcare industry. The data shows that in 2014, $6.5 billion in payments were made to 607,000 physicians and 1,121 teaching hospitals on behalf of 1,444 companies.


Definitive Healthcare tracks Open Payments information from CMS on over 8,000 hospitals and health systems within the Hospitals database. Here is a list of the top 10 hospitals receiving the most payments:

Top 10 hospitals with open payments in 2014


In 2014, Massachusetts General Hospital came in on top with the highest total amount of Open Payments of over $50.5M, spread out among 1,631 separate payments. Following MGH, Cleveland Clinic has a significantly smaller dollar amount of Open Payments, but it is coming from a larger number of payments with 2,671 for the year. Interestingly enough, the larger hospitals tend to have higher non-research payments while the university hospitals as seen further down the list have just the opposite – higher research payments, lower non-research payments. In further exploring the Open Payments information, we can see the top companies making these payments to the hospitals listed above.


Here is a list of the top companies making these payments:

Top Companies in open payments made


The list above shows an array of medical device companies, such as Zimmer Holding and Stryker, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies, like Genentech and Pfizer. All of this information is available within Definitive’s Hospitals database and can give insight on the relationship between these manufacturing companies and hospitals. Within the database, we are able to see the non-research payments some medical device companies are making to these hospitals, the purpose, and the form of payment. As for research open payments, we can see the products that are being tested within the hospitals and the relative payment information for that as well.


Definitive Healthcare has the most up-to-date, comprehensive and integrated data on hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers.  Our hospitals database tracks nearly 7,300 US hospitals and allows users to search by network, location, bed count, quality metrics, technology use and more.

October 06, 2015 | Open Payments| Top 10 Lists
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