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Top 10 Hospices by Total Medicare Payments

October 24, 2017 BY Alanna Moriarty

Top 10 Hospices by Total Medicare Payments

Hospice care, unlike other varieties of long-term care, does not aim to cure a patient’s terminal illness. Caregivers instead focus on providing support for patients while treating their daily symptoms. Hospice services are primarily provided in a patient’s home, but can also be available in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice centers. Most payors include hospice care in their insurance coverage, including Medicare, Medicaid, and health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

Because hospice caregivers are largely operating in people’s homes, they work closely with patient’s family members to provide personalized care. Each patent has a unique care plan based on their needs for pain management and symptom relief. The hospice team will consult with a patient’s primary care physician, hospice physicians, nurses, home health aides, and other specialists such as clergy or social workers if requested. Hospice staff make regular visits to a patient’s home, and are on-call around the clock to ensure patient wellbeing.

Hospice Name Total Medicare Pmts Medicare Claims
 Vitas Healthcare Corporation of Florida Melbourne  $460,721,365  95,726
 Lifepath Hospice - Tampa  $76,700,354  19,394
 Hospice Of Palm Beach County INC  $76,014,727  18,720
 Mid-County Community Service Center (FKA Suncoast Hospice)  $74,972,738  19,733
 Community Hospice Of Northeast Florida INC (AKA: Earl B Hadlow Center for Caring)  $67,495,368  17,096
 Tidewell Hospice - Sarasota Hospice House  $65,142,662  18,548
 Hospice Of The Western Reserve INC  $64,408,687  17,087
 Hope Hospice And Community Services INC (AKA: Hope Healthcare)  $63,235,780  15,475
 M J H S Hospice And Palliative Care  $62,808,073  12,719
 Visiting Nurse Service Of Ny Hospice Care  $58,415,522  12,748

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Hospice care is usually equated with end-of-life care, though it is available to patients regardless of age or ability. Most patients receiving hospice care are expected to live for six months or less. Hospice teams are equipped to provide a wide variety of services, such as pain and symptom management, as well as emotional support, provision of medication and medical equipment, occupational and speech therapy, and more. Hospice aides also provide support and education for a patient’s family members, including education on caregiving and bereavement counseling.

Though most patients are only expected to live for six months, hospice care can be provided for as long as a patient is affected by a life-limiting illness. One of the most common illnesses affecting hospice patients is cancer, but other common illnesses include heart disease, dementia, kidney failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Another unique aspect of hospice care is the effect on a patient’s family members. Many patients who receive hospice care have been previously cared for by their families. This can be burdensome for the family emotionally and financially, and create a strain on the relationship between the patient and their family members. Hospice care can ease or eliminate that tension, allowing families to enjoy their limited time together.

Additionally, hospice care allows for a patient to receive care at a facility for a period of time during their treatment. This gives familial caregivers the opportunity to rest without worrying about the wellbeing of their terminally-ill family member. The patient can then continue receiving care in their own home. Such an arrangement is commonly known as respite care.

Hospice Name Total Medicare Pmts Medicare Claims
 Heart to Heart Hospice - San Antonio  10,330 2,761
 Legacy Hospice & Palliative Care  6,567 669
 Altus Hospice - North Houston  832 1,495
 Mary Washington Hospice  638 1,987
 Oklahoma Hospice Care - Oklahoma City  575 729
 Guymon Home Health & Hospice  436 46
 Hosanna Hospice LLC  429 91
 ONHL Hospice Services LLC  398 285
 Louisiana Hospice Of Greater New Orleans LLC  295 227
 Intrepid USA Hospice Radford  259 304

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At any time while receiving hospice care, a patient may be admitted to a hospital if their pain becomes overwhelming or other issues arise. If desired, the patient may include spiritual or religious leaders on their hospice team to reduce the emotional burden of end-of-life care. Trained hospice volunteers are also an option for the care team, and can offer companionship, transportation assistance, and other practical support. Hospice care is among the most flexible and customizable forms of long-term care.

Hospices and hospice corporations can be proprietary or non-profit. They can also be affiliated with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, which ensures adherence to national laws and regulations. Hospice guidelines are also available on the CMS website.

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