Stage 2 Attestations for Meaningful Use Make Progress

Registration, moral, and full attestation numbers are on the rise.

Although the percentage of eligible providers and hospitals that have successfully completed Stage 2 of meaningful use is still small, CMS is now reporting that they are close to 100 percent registration.

Elisabeth Myers from CMS’ Office of Health Standards and Services revealed that out of the total eligible hospitals, the registration rate is “hovering just under 95 percent.”  Additionally for eligible providers, she cited the registration rate as “just under 92 percent.”

These percentages are important because in order to participate in the meaningful use incentive program, registration is required.  When reporting these numbers, Health IT News reports Meyers as commenting, “it is a great indicator of the depth of knowledge about the [meaningful use] program.”

But not only are these registration numbers a good sign.  That is because both the moral and numbers of full attestation are also improving.

A recent interview by EHR Intelligence with Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center, a center who just completed attestation for Stage 2, said that the greatest challenge of the process was actually Stage 1.  Their transition in Stage 1 was especially hard because their facility had to fully convert from paper to electronic health records.  Thus, once they had their EHR in place, it was less of a shock than their initial turn away from paper.

Also, while it still may take a while for all registered hospitals and physician groups to achieve progress, the ones who have now achieved Stage 2 are not insignificant.

At the close of July, it was reported 1,898 EPs and 78 EHs attested to Stage 2.

This was an increase from June, as the close of that month only reported 972 EPs and 10 EHs who had full attestation to Stage 2 Meaningful Use.

Another recent example of a hospital that achieved Stage 2, is Cottage Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital in New Hamsphire.  To complete this stage, Cottage Hospital leveraged MEDHOST’s integrated EHR, YourCareCommunity healthcare engagement platform, and YourCareLink public health reporting service.

As reported previously by Definitive Healthcare, many factors may stand in the way from full achievement of Stage 2.  These registration percentages and numbers of attestation, however, may now lead others to think differently.

Maybe the 2016 deadline for Stage 3 isn’t so ominous anymore?

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