2013-08-09 – Sharp HealthCare Streamlines Identity Management and Access Control with Caradigm's Integrated IAM Suite

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According to The Sacramento Bee, Sharp Healthcare is improving clinical workflow with single sign-on, patient context management, role-based provisioning and automated reporting. Using an integrated Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite from Caradigm, San Diego's largest healthcare system is reducing stress for its physicians and nurses while augmenting their ability to deliver excellent, timely patient care.

Caradigm Provisioning enables clinical applications to be set up for new caregivers the day they start, and Caradigm SSO and Context Management provide caregivers the ability to use those clinical applications more safely and efficiently. Having a standardized, role-based process and automated provisioning tool has also freed Sharp's IT team from an ongoing burden of delays, costs and help desk calls.

With Caradigm's integrated IAM suite, system administrators at Sharp can now define roles across the organization, and assign policies and access rights to specific clinical functions. This not only streamlines the provisioning process but also reduces the potential for granting inappropriate access. Organizational policies, roles and entitlements are stored centrally in the provisioning system and can be modified as needed. Managers can also use identity analytics to validate user accounts and ensure that access rights align with specified clinical roles.

August 13, 2013 | Hospital Data| Hospital Technology
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