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line graph featuring red line representing hospital capacity for COVID-19 cases with two lines, blue and purple, representing forecasted total COVID-19 cases and forecasted severe cases.
April 7, 2020

By conservative estimates, public officials and healthcare providers know there is limited time before the demand for intensive care unit (ICU) beds and ventilators exceeds supply—even at the most well-equipped facilities.

Hospital and government leaders must make difficult decisions regarding which hospitals should be prioritized in receiving additional medical supplies. They also must determine the quantity of requested supplies to send to the states and regions requesting assistance. Though manufacturers are ramping up production of essential healthcare supplies, some areas in the U.S. are being hit harder and diagnosing COVID-19 cases at higher volumes than others - meaning decisions about distribution must be made.

Definitive Healthcare data scientists have developed a COVID-19 Capacity Predictor to inform the decision-making process by identifying which U.S. counties would benefit most from priority assistance. The goal with this dashboard is to help public health officials and healthcare leaders allocate resources where they are needed most by designing a tool that makes it easier for these officials to see which areas are predicted to run out of supplies first. 

COVID-19 cases by U.S. county and days to capacity failure

Dashboard users can filter select states or counties of interest from a dropdown menu, and the dashboard will update the accompanying map and data table with relevant estimations. Users can hover over each county for insights on the number of reported COVID-19 cases and predicted days to capacity failure. An accompanying table offers deeper insights on the hospitals in each county—including total ICU beds, available ventilators, percent capacity remaining, and more.

To create this dashboard, our data science team combined proprietary insights on ICU hospital beds and ventilator utilization from Definitive Healthcare with data on population density, patient demographics, and COVID-19 cases per day from the New York Times 

The interactive map and dashboard were developed as part of the 2020 Pandemic Response Hackathon, hosted by global health data company Datavant. These resources are being provided to the public to empower providers in addressing the global pandemic. 

Forecasted severe COVID-19 cases versus capacity of county hospitals

 table featuring NY counties and COVID-related data above a chart representing reports of severe COVID cases versus county capacity

For a demonstration of how you can best utilize this interactive dashboard, see this walkthrough video. The map is dynamic, meaning it is updated in near-real-time via live data feeds, and modified daily as new data becomes available. 

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Are you looking for more information on how to track the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic? Visit our blog, Mapping COVID-19 Spread with Interactive Dashboards, for additional insights into hospital bed capacity and resource utilization. 

Alanna Moriarty

Alanna Moriarty

Alanna Moriarty is a healthcare industry writer and content strategist. As the Content Marketing Manager for Definitive Healthcare, she most enjoys connecting the dots between data and care delivery. ...

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