Population Health

Definitive Healthcare's hospital database now offers a detailed look into population health.  This new feature allows users to analyze where patients seek care across different providers and provider types.

This data analyzes all patients with at least one claim at the hospital in 2013 and then follows those patients' claims across the entire continuum of care (physicians, other hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc).

This analysis can then help you...
1.  Understand which hospitals are also providing care to these patients
2.  Analyze what procedures and diagnoses are being lost to other providers
3.  Determine the overall cost of care for this patient universe

More specifically, subscribers can view a breakdown of this data by
- Share by Provider Type
- Hospital Inpatient Leakage (other hospitals that treated patients)
- Share by DRG
- Share by Inpatient Diagnosis
- Share by Inpatient Procedure
- Share by Outpatient Diagnosis
- Share by Outpatient Procedure

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November 04, 2014 | Hospital Data
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