Nebraska's Department of Health and Human Services Seeks a Care Management System

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Due Date:05-15-2014

Contact Name: Nancy Storant/Kristi Kling
Contact E-mail:

Description: DHHS’s goal for this RFP is to develop and implement a comprehensive Care Management System to improve the quality and consistency of care for individuals residing at facilities operated by three divisions: the Behavioral Health(DBH), Developmental Disabilities(DDD), or Veterans’ Homes Divisions(DVH) (collectively, Divisions). This new comprehensive Care Management System will include practice management functionality and serve as an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. The system will be deployed across all three Divisions in order to ensure interoperability and facilitate enterprise-wide information sharing. Although the solution will be deployed across three Divisions, each Division will have slightly different requirements and business processes. In order to meet these varying requirements, the contractor shall customize the configuration of the system for each Division’s staff.

May 21, 2014 | EHR| Requests for Proposal
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