Why is Marketing to Healthcare Organizations So Difficult?

Marketing to healthcare organizations presents some unique challenges. There are well over 100,000 healthcare facilities and well over a million physicians in the U.S. alone. These facilities and physicians are related by integrated delivery networks, accountable care organizations, physicians groups, and other organizations. They use dozens of technology modules provided by hundreds of vendors. Purchasing decisions might be made by a physician, facility, IDN, group purchasing organization, or some other entity.

Additionally, the industry is incredibly dynamic, characterized by frequent mergers, acquisitions, and regulatory changes. Just since the beginning of this year Definitive Healthcare has tracked nearly 1,000 relevant news articles, including 197 about new facilities or capabilities, 174 about executives moving, 130 about M&As or partnerships, and 81 about IT implementations or issues.

With all this complexity and change, what is the most effective way to market and sell to this industry? Find out by attending the Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference in Atlanta next month, where you’ll have an opportunity to learn the latest in content marketing, marketing automation, event marketing, healthcare PR, and more.

The conference will feature over 42 sessions from leading healthcare IT marketing and PR professionals, including Definitive Healthcare founder and CEO Jason Krantz. Jason founded Definitive in 2008 on the premise that clients need high quality, in-depth intelligence in order to research the healthcare market and efficiently target the best prospects. Definitive has grown rapidly since its founding and now serves over 900 clients, including many of the largest companies in their fields.

Definitive will host a session on how to leverage healthcare data to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. Jason will review what some of the biggest challenges are for companies trying to sell to this complex and challenging marketplace. He’ll discuss the relationships facilities have with each other, as well as with ACOs, HIEs, GPOs, Payors, and other types of organizations that may play a part in purchasing decisions. The talk will then move to some of the data that is available on this marketplace, including financial and quality metrics, procedure volumes, technology implementations, RFPs, and more, and how to use this data to target and segment your market, understand who to reach out to and how to contact them, and how to begin your conversation.

We hope to see you at this conference next month. To learn more or to register for the conference, visit their website at https://www.healthitmarketingconference.com/.

March 14, 2016 | Hospital Data
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