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Infographic: Patient Retention & Physician Market Share

May 17, 2019 BY Valeria Alves

Infographic: Patient Retention & Physician Market Share

Preserving and growing your patient base in 2019 takes a proactive approach to patient satisfaction and attentiveness to emerging trends.  As patients continue to seek more convenient and efficient care solutions, provider networks need to evolve to meet these demands. 

Mergers and partnerships are one way providers have addressed these growing demands.  Anther key component is minimizing costly miscommunications by focusing on technology interoperability.  This not only streamlines and simplifies care giving for providers, but it also empowers patients with knowledge about their own health so they can make smart decisions.  

Developing relationships with popular physicians through direct affiliations or partnerships is another way networks can grow their patient base.  These physicians want to refer their patients somewhere they are confident will deliver exceptional care.  Strong HCAHPS and a reputation for high quality will put your organization in a strong position to receive these referrals.


Patient Retention  Physician Market Share IG - Providers Campaign


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