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September 18, 2019

The 2019 IDN Summit and Reverse Expo is a unique healthcare conference. Traditionally, healthcare providers and leaders from hospitals and health systems approach vendor booths and tables seeking solutions to clinical, quality, and financial difficulties. At the IDN summit, the providers are in control, with vendors and suppliers approaching IDN booths to pitch their solutions.

Ideally this builds relationships, with attendees doing research about prospect IDNs in advance to ensure they have a custom answer for a health system’s major issues. This conference is attended by leaders and decision-makers from IDNs, hospitals, GPOs, and supplier organizations.

Definitive Healthcare sent a few team members to Phoenix, Arizona to talk with our clients at health systems and hospitals from across the country about the challenges they face every day. Like in years past, conversations were dominated by discussions about physician engagement, supply chain management, and industry consolidation. However, this year there was a much stronger focus on fully integrating physicians into supply chain management and other financial initiatives.

Here are the three trends we saw most at the Fall 2019 IDN Summit:


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Erika Gavel

Erika Gavel

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