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March 15, 2019

It’s not easy selling and marketing to hospitals, especially given the ever-changing nature of the  healthcare industry. Long sales cycles, complex terminology, multiple decision makers, and intricate deployment processes are only a small handful of the challenges that sales and marketing professionals may face.

This year, the industry is more complex than ever—with technology innovations generating mountains of data, smaller hospitals folding into larger health systems, cybersecurity threats, and staffing shortages creating major problems for providers across the U.S.

Definitive Healthcare CEO, Jason Krantz, addresses these challenges in his webinar about 8 Healthcare Trends that Will Impact your Sales in 2019. In this presentation, he identifies the top eight trends that will likely affect your sales and marketing growth in 2019. Here's an overview of what you missed: 

Top 8 Healthcare Trends 2019 (1)

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