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2016 #HIT100: Twitter's HIT Thought Leaders

Each July for the past six years, Michael Planchart (@theEHRguy) has hosted the HIT100 Tournament, a crowd-sourced election whereby participants paying attention to and/or contributing to the health IT dialogue on Twitter can cast a vote for the most influential person in the space. The tidal wave of Twitter nominations for this year’s list of “who’s who” in HIT has barely had time to ebb and preliminary announcements are already grabbing headlines.

2016’s top five #HIT100 winners include:

  • Mandi Bishop (@MandiBPro) - Global Healthcare Analytics Solutions and Consulting Practice Lead at Dell
  • Christoph Trappe (@CTrappe) - Senior Director of Content Marketing and Creation at MedTouch
  • Bill Esslinger (@BillEsslinger) - CEO and Director at Fogo Data Centers
  • John Nosta (@JohnNosta) - President at NOSTALAB
  • Linda Stotsky (@EMRanswers) - Owner at LSC Physician Business Growth Services

With the full and formal 2016 #HIT100 results slated to drop any minute now, here is a quick look at a few findings from HIT100s past and present.

HIT100 TweetsDuring the 2016 voting period (from 12pm PT on Friday, July 1st, through 6pm PT on Friday, July 8th), more than 1,600 participants generated over 7,000 #HIT100 tweets, garnering nearly 57 million impressions.

According to tournament organizer Planchart, this year saw a record-setting 2,700+ nominations, with more individuals (including more CIOs and CMIOs) and fewer brands/businesses represented when compared to prior years.

Early insight from HIT100 data parser Steve Sisko (@ShimCode) echoes Planchart’s observations, placing the tally of people in the top 100 nominees at 97, with companies representing just three nominees. Sisko also cites a churn rate of roughly twenty percent in the top 100 nominees between 2015 and 2016, in terms of both new names coming onto the list and old names coming off of it. All told, 700 unique entities nominated more than 900 unique Twitter handles to the 2016 HIT100 list. You can see Sisko’s unofficial 2016 rankings report here.

Forty of the individuals included in preliminary 2016 HIT100 results list are women, compared to 32 women in 2015’s results and 31 women in 2014’s list.

While there is an on-going debate regarding the HIT100 voting system’s attention to nomination quantity over quality, many professionals working in and with the digital health industry regard the list as a great resource for identifying and tuning in to HIT thought leaders on Twitter. Nominees reap the benefit of validation and recognition among industry peers.

Given the HIT100’s growing popularity over the past several years, it’s highly likely that 2017 will see additional nomination growth. Time will tell if the logic used to cull the winners will evolve, as well. In the meantime, visit @theEHRguy on Twitter to monitor the release of the 2016 HIT100 official results.

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July 12, 2016 | EHR| Hospital Technology
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