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25 Hospitals with the Best and Worst HCAHPS Scores

May 16, 2019 BY Tory Waldron

25 Hospitals with the Best and Worst HCAHPS Scores

HCAHPS (the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) is a patient satisfaction survey required by CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) for all hospitals in the United States. It is administered to a random sample of adult patients across medical conditions between 48 hours and 6 weeks after discharge.

In CMS' HCAHPS survey, patients provide feedback on their experience with a hospital in specific areas, including:

  •  Communication with nurses
  •  Communication with doctors
  •  Responsiveness when help is required
  •  Pain management
  •  Communication about medicines
  •  Discharge information
  •  Cleanliness and quietness of hospital environment
  •  Hospital rating

The survey results are publicly reported for all to see, and may impact a healthcare organization’s reputation. Additionally, the government provides reimbursement based on results – excellent survey performance keeps the hospital financially strong, in a value-based care environment.

Definitive Healthcare's platform provides a 360-degree view of over 7,939 hospitals in the US, helping users understand merger and acquisition activity, software and technology implementations, requests for proposals, certificates of need, affiliations, executive contact information, and detailed hospital financial, clinical, and quality metrics like HCAHPS scores. According to Definitive Healthcare, only 233 US hospitals had an overall five-star rating, and 67 had a one-star rating. Here are the US hospitals with the highest, and lowest, HCAHPS ratings:

25 hospitals with the best HCAHPS scores (5 stars)

Rank Hospital Name # of Discharges Staffed Beds
1.   Citizens Medical Center (LA) 557  40
2.   Physicians Medical Center (LA) 217 30
3.   Davie Medical Center - Mocksville (NC) 1,498  N/A
4.   Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital (LA) 1,301  24
5.   Physicians Care Surgical Hospital (PA) 1,232  12
6.   Franciscan Health Carmel  (IN) 371  6
7.   Wellspan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital (PA) 836  25
8.   Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin (WI) 1,392  30
9.   Surgical Hospital at Southwoods (OH) 1,179  24
10.   Houston Physicians Hospital (TX) 594  21
11.   Specialists Hospital Shreveport (LA) 1,348 15
12.   Surgical Institute of Reading (PA) 814 15
13.   Park Place Surgical Hospital (LA) 502 10
14.   Premier Surgical Institute (KS) 1,269 36
15.   Sacred Heart Hospital on the Gulf (FL) 475 19
16.   Unity Medical and Surgical Hospital (IN) 440 29
17.   Midwest Surgical Hospital (NE) 1,065 19
18.   Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony (TX) 444 6
19.   OakLeaf Surgical Hospital (WI) 676 13
20.   Black Hills Surgical Hospital (SD) 1,712 26
21.   Healthmark Regional Medical Center (FL) 587 50
22.   Baylor Scott & White Surgical Hospital - Sherman (TX) 488 12
23.   Oklahoma Center for Orthopaedic & Multi-Specialty Surgery   (OK) 781 10
24.   Butler County Health Care Center (NE) 331 20
25.   OrthoNebraska Hospital (NE) 1,846 24

Fig 1 Data from Definitive Healthcare’s hospital & IDN platform

This list represents the U.S.' top rated hospitals in terms of HCAHPS scores. This list includes a smattering of smaller hospitals, and a high volume of surgical centers. Surgical centers may receive higher ratings because there are generally shorter patient stays and lower patient volume, which may result in a better patient experience. It is interesting to note that nearly all of these hospitals are classified as short term acute care hospitals: facilities where patients tend to visit their trusted primary care provider, with whom they build and foster relationships. 

25 hospitals with the worst HCAHPS scores (1 star)

Rank Hospital Name # of Discharges Staffed Beds
1.   Los Angeles Community Hospital (CA) 10,197  285
2.   Jackson Park Hospital & Medical Center (IL) 6,856 201
3.   Victor Valley Global Medical Center (CA) 5,687 101
4.   United Medical Center (DC) 5,084  196
5.   Southern California Hospital at Hollywood (CA) 14,913  100
6.   UM Prince Georges Hospital Center (MD) 12,084 118
7.   Foothill Regional Medical Center (CA) 2,754  135
8.   Westside Regional Medical Center (FL) 14,016  224
9.   Mountains Edge Hospital (NV) 3,422 130
10.   Huntington Beach Hospital (CA) 3,013  82
11.   WellStar North Fulton Hospital (GA) 6,928 169
12.   Memorial Hospital of Gardena (CA) 7,132 103
13.   Mission Community Hospital (CA) 7,850 60
14.   East Orange General Hospital (NJ) 4,878 159
15.   NYC Health and Hospitals - Lincoln (NY) 19,118 287
16.   Larkin Community Hospital - Palm Springs Campus (FL) 4,735 148
17.   Flushing Hospital Medical Center (NY) 14,034 275
18.   St Johns Episcopal Hospital at South Shore (NY) 6,923 170
19.   Coast Plaza Hospital (CA) 2,841 117
20.   WellStar Atlanta Medical Center (GA) 15,570 466
21.   Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (NY) 13,252 257
22.   St Cloud Regional Medical Center (FL) 4,100 84
23.   Roseland Community Hospital (IL) 2,796 134
24.   Maimonides Medical Center (NY) 35,182 641
25.   University Medical Center (UMC) of Southern Nevada (NV) 24,388 497

Fig 2 Data from Definitive Healthcare’s hospital & IDN platform

This list represents 25 U.S. hospitals that may need to work a bit more on their patient satisfaction strategies. As a whole, these hospitals do have more staffed beds and a higher rate of discharges than the hospitals with five-star ratings, so these low scores may be a result of rushed experiences or a higher patient-to-provider ratios. Patients already expect safe and quality care from their hospitals, so a better patient experience may help improve these hospitals' HCAHPS ratings. It may also be helpful if these hospitals communicate more clearly and frequently with their patients, given the emphasis on communication in the CMS HCAHPS survey. 

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