2013-08-08 – Frontier Hospitals Purchases Lake Whitney Medical Center

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According to the Dallas Morning News, a Florida-based hospital management company has swooped in to purchase the Lake Whitney Medical Center. The hospital’s purchase by Frontier Hospitals, Inc., a firm that has a track record of buying distressed healthcare facilities in Florida and Georgia, appears to ensure that the town of Whitney’s lone hospital will stay open at least into the near future and that its 100-plus employees will hold onto their jobs.

Frontier Hospitals is revamping much of the operation, and is working to replace out-of-date policies with new ones. It arranged for a pharmacy company to oversee what was previously lax management of medications. And it enlisted a firm to install a new record-keeping system, according to James Stanger, the chief operating officer with Frontier.

The swift deal effectively dissolves Dr. Tariq Mahmood’s remaining grip on what was once a six-hospital chain beset by hundreds of patient care failures and potential fraud over the last four years.

September 03, 2013 | Hospital Data
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