Fort Washington Medical Center to potentially lose Medicare funding

Washington Business Journal reports that Fort Washington Medical Center has been notified that it could be terminated from Medicare payments because "federal officials flagged problems at the hospital, including delayed treatment to a head injury patient who needed emergency care". The report states that only 13 of 233 hospitals have been officially terminated by CMS, making this potential occurrence rare. Washington Business Journal cites CMS' investigation where the hospital "took seven hours to get the head injury patient transferred to hospital with a higher level of care. The date the incident occurred is not specified in documents released by health officials, ...That patient was transferred to another hospital with 110-bed hospital via ambulance for a CT scan via ambulance because Fort Washington's machine was not working that day. While the alternate hospital had a working scanner, it lacked the capability to treat the patient if emergency care was needed. The patient was then transferred back to Fort Washington by ambulance following the scan, with the radiologist calling ahead to warn the patient needed 'immediate' medical care".

October 13, 2015 | Hospital Data
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