2013-11-15 – Electronic Health Records System

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RFP Category: Electronic Health/Medical Records
RFP Sponsor: Buffalo Public School District

Due Date: 2013-11-15

Contact Name: Craig Koeppel
Contact Title: Director of Purchase
Contact E-mail: cakoeppel@buffaloschools.org

Description: The Buffalo Public School District is an urban K-12 school district serving approximately 33,000 students, and is currently seeking proposals for a contract to provide an Electronic Health Record System. The term will be from March 2014 to February 2015 with the option to renew for two (2) each one year terms upon mutual written agreement.

Among various required features, the system must:

  • have demonstrated capabilities of meeting NYS Medicaid documentation requirements
  • be capable of billing NYS Medicaid directly using the HIPAA required electronic submission structure
  • have multilevel access control over access to health records
  • be able to store paper records in a digital document storage component
November 19, 2013 | Articles
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