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August 28, 2018

We were thrilled to host our client Christina Cussimanio, Senior Marketing Director and early adopter of Definitive Healthcare, at our headquarters in Framingham, MA where she shared stories and anecdotes from her team’s experience with our product suite.

Through the years of developing the most comprehensive data and intelligence on U.S. Healthcare providers, there’s been nothing more valuable than direct feedback from our 1,700+ clients. From sharing what they’ve been able to achieve using our data to providing input on what they’d like to see next – these types of conversations drive us to make our offerings even better for all our users. 

Here are highlights from our conversation with Christina:

Who are your target customers?

We’re focused on developing and supporting clinical and administrative solutions that serve hospitals, health systems, physician groups and practices, and accountable care organizations (ACOs).

How do you and your team use Definitive today?

Definitive Healthcare provides us with news and market intelligence to help us strategically build our marketing campaigns and to drive revenue growth. It allows us to segment data for our key target markets so that our sales teams can efficiently prospect in their territories.

We have an enterprise license—so everyone on our sales and marketing team use Definitive Healthcare daily. We use the product to segment data, pull together our annual operating plan, conduct market research, prospect, obtain competitive intelligence, compare data, and send targeted emails. We have Definitive data integrated into our CRM, so it automatically populates with information on our prospects and customers.

What’s most important to you as a user of the databases? 

For us, the most obvious advantage of using Definitive Healthcare is being able to segment and prospect. We value having all our customer and prospect data in one place.

The fact that we have an immeasurable amount of data that is refreshed constantly allows us to run effective campaigns to a relevant audience. As far as the most valuable type of data, for us— in our day to day operations, it’s the data on technology vendors.

How does Definitive help you reach your business goals?

With Definitive Healthcare’s cutting-edge technology, we can easily identify decision makers such as hospital executives (specifically the C-suite) and physicians. The data is up-to-the-minute, and we are given the ability to customize the data to work for us, honing in on specific market segments and competitive information. For example, I can look at a specific technology installed in the markets of interest to us.

What issues does Definitive solve for you?

Honestly, without Definitive Healthcare we would probably need to have contracts with multiple third parties for lists and data. It would be more expensive, and it wouldn’t be organized in one central repository.

Definitive Healthcare has ultimately saved us money. We have a list of over 1 million physician emails. Our sales and marketing organization can leverage those emails, without me having to go out and purchase separate lists.  

How do your company’s performance metrics tie to your use of Definitive?

Having Definitive Healthcare has saved us considerable time. While it’s hard to quantify, the fact that we have access to thousands of reports at our fingertips and can slice and dice the data by geography, organization type, technology, and zip code makes us incredibly efficient.

A great example of this is our utilization of the data integration. There are over 400,000 Definitive Healthcare reports automatically feeding into our Salesforce.  You can imagine the time we would spend looking up that many accounts, versus having those readily available at our fingertips. I’d say Definitive Healthcare is saving us hundreds of hours of time. It’s part of our regular process.

What’s been your experience working with the Definitive Healthcare team?

The people at Definitive Healthcare are the best out there. They’re always willing to help with my enhancement requests.

I often need and ask for help with customized reports, or help with pulling specific data, and the team is always willing to go above and beyond to help me with my requests.

I am also pleased with the training. We have routinely onboarded new employees or have needed to retrain our team. Definitive is always willing to hop on a phone call and dive in.

We were an early adopter of Definitive Healthcare, and the tool was excellent then. But it’s also come a long way over the last few years – becoming even more robust and providing even more data. We’ve trusted the company and they’ve delivered on their promise and then some.

What is your advice to others who might be considering Definitive Healthcare?

If you’re looking for healthcare intelligence that covers all types of facilities and providers, Definitive offers in-depth data that can’t be found elsewhere. The tool is comprehensive and very easy to use. On top of that, the support from the Definitive team is outstanding.


Definitive Healthcare is the leading provider of the most up-to-date, high-quality, and integrated data on the healthcare market. Our database tracks financial, clinical, and newsworthy intelligence on over 8,800 hospitals and IDNs, 1.5 million physicians, 600 payors, and dozens of healthcare industry players.

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