Department of Defense Implements Mediware's® HCLL™ Transfusion in 60 Facilities

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HCLL Transfusion, an industry-leading blood transfusion management application from Mediware Information Systems, is now live in all of the 60 Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) for which the Department of Defense (DoD) has contracted. The addition of HCLL software to the Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) is helping ensure that the blood products supplied to America’s servicemen and women will remain safe and reliable, both within the United States and in MTFs around the world.

The HCLL application, known in DoD installations as the Blood Management Blood Bank Transfusion Service (BMBB/TS), automates the processes for blood test results and transfusions, making HCLL software another sophisticated tool utilized within the military’s healthcare systems. The Military Health System contracted to use the software directly with ThunderCat Technology, which delivers technology services and solutions to the federal government. Planned Systems International (PSI) managed the implementation.

September 22, 2015 | Hospital Technology
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