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March 18, 2020

To our valued customers:

As the impact of COVID-19 ripples through the economy, you and your teams are managing risk and taking precautions to create safe and healthy work environments – just like we’re doing at Definitive.

While this introduces some challenges, we are amazed and impressed at the creative strategies that our clients are employing to focus on business continuity and growth during this time.

It is incredibly important to me and my entire team that we help you meet these challenges head on. As such, we are fully committed to uninterrupted support at the capacity to which you’re accustomed. Our Customer Experience and leadership teams are fully enabled and available to be responsive to you. 

I personally commit to you that, as your strategic partner, we will go above and beyond to provide you the support and insight that you need to thrive during this time.

On behalf of everyone at Definitive Healthcare, we are proud to be your partner and remain focused on the well-being of your teams and the growth of your business. 


Jason Krantz

Founder and CEO

Definitive Healthcare

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