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2013-08-09 – Biomedical Device Integration with Epic Electronic Medical Records System

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RFP Category: Technology Software
RFP Sponsor: Parkland Health And Hospital System

Posted Date: 2013-07-16
Due Date: 2013-08-09

Contact Name: Fred Keyes

Description: The District wishes to procure an Enterprise Biomedical Device Integration Solution that encompasses delivery of a robust capability to integrate many different biomedical devices with the Epic Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and other clinical data management and analytics systems at Parkland. The solution would reduce manual documentation into the EMR; automate routine biomedical device performance functions; reduce errors, improve safety, and improve data accuracy and recordation of clinical data into patient records. The solution should be highly automated, highly functional, and easy to use. Support of the solution will be conducive to a modestly staffed support team that should be able to centrally monitor all devices connected and proactively address any connectivity.

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