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Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital Seeks Modernization Project

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Posted Date: 09-02-2014

Applicant: Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital - Illinois
Project Category: Hospital/Facility Renovation
Project Amount: $91,883,532

Hospital Contact Name:  Sandy Churchill
Hospital Contact Title: VP Business Development
Hospital Contact Phone: 630.275.3279
Hospital Contact Email:

Description:  Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital of Downers Grove, Illinois seeks a construction and modernization project that will add three floors over the west wing and construct 96 new single occupancy medical-surgery patient rooms to replace existing rooms.  The current multiple-occupancy rooms will be converted to single-occupancy rooms and non-clinical space.

The hospital currently has 135 medical-surgical beds and 16 pediatric beds.  At the conclusion of this project, there will 145 medical-surgical beds and 7 pediatric beds resulting in a reduction of 49 beds.

The new tower and vacated space will also include non-clinical areas such as administration, visitor and public support, materials support, and building systems.

The project is expected to cost $91,883,532 with 110,027 square feet of new construction and 13,452 square feet of modernization.  The anticipated completion date is May 31, 2017.

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