Hospitals With Maximum Readmission Penalties FY 2015

FY 2015 increased the readmission penalty from 2% to 3% for participating hospitals in Medicare's Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program.
This 3% penalty will be a deduction from Medicare's inpatient payments.

Out of the 2,610 hospitals fined this year, here is a list from Definitive Healthcare's hospital database of the 39 hospitals who received the maximum penalty of 3%.

  • Williamson Memorial Hospital
  • Trinity Bettendorf
  • Harlan ARH Hospital
  • Three Rivers Medical Center
  • Whitesburg ARH Hospital
  • St John - Broken Arrow
  • Baylor Ortho And Spine At Arlington
  • Arizona Orthopedic Surgical Hospital
  • Arizona Spine And Joint Hospital
  • Pennsylvania Hospital
  • Sutter Surgical Hospital - North Valley
  • Manchester Memorial Hospital
  • Pineville Community Hospital
  • Westlake Regional Hospital
  • River Oaks Hospital - Jackson
  • Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center
  • Beaufort County Memorial Hospital
  • Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center
  • Skiff Medical Center
  • Fannin Regional Hospital
  • Davis Memorial Hospital
  • Coordinated Health - Bethlehem Campus
  • Surgical Hospital At Southwoods
  • Physicians Medical Center
  • Livingston Regional Hospital
  • Regional Hospital Of Jackson
  • Physicians Care Surgical Hospital
  • Western Missouri Medical Center
  • Reston Hospital Center
  • The Fauquier Hospital
  • Jackson County Memorial Hospital
  • Russell County Medical Center
  • Johnston Memorial Hospital
  • Northwest Texas Surgery Center
  • Physicians Specialty Hospital
  • Monroe County Medical Center
  • Hazard Arh Regional Medical Center
  • Williamson ARH Hospital
  • Franklin Medical CenterFor more information of hospital readmission rates check of Definitive Healthcare's recent news:
  • 75% of Eligible Hospitals Fine for Readmisisons
  • A New Fiscal Year Begins New Readmission Penalties

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